Reviews from our patients

“Wow!! First time at Sacred Touch and I loved it. You can’t get much better than Amber Lee. I’ve had years of massages in Portage and many other places. I’ve finally found where I want to stay. Thank you!”

Cindy on Google

“Acupuncture helped me recover after a bad fracture. Bart is professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Amanda on Google

“The team here is great. I personally did several acupuncture sessions and detoxing. Both were great experiences and helped me greatly. Certainly worth checking out!”

Tiffany on Google

“Very nice and helpful people. Bart is kind and considerate with those who come for help.”

Dale on Google

“Bart is amazing. I had pain, really bad pain, in my hands, from my thumbs to my wrist. It is now gone since I had acupuncture. Sent my sister and my mom there, they are very pleased as well… highly recommend.”

Karen on Facebook

“Would highly recommend Sacred Touch & Bart for Acupuncture! It has been a wonderful experience with helpful insights for your overall well being.”

Heather on Facebook

“What a wonderfully talented, knowledgeable team of professional healers! I can’t say enough good things about Sacred Touch. Every person in this center is completely vested in providing you a healthier life. Some of the most friendly and nurturing professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Jennifer on Facebook

“Sacred Touch is phenomenal. My husband I both see Aubrey and she is the best therapist I have ever had. I also appreciate the new online scheduling system that Sacred Touch is using. It is so easy to pick your service, your therapist, and book in a matter of a minute or two. My husband knows his schedule very last minute so this makes it convenient to see if there is an opening any time of day. This is a gem in Brooklyn. The service is excellent.”

Morgan on Facebook

“Great and knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I left today feeling great and am taking some tips to do at home to continue feeling better. THANKS!”

Cori on Facebook

“I had an amazing acupuncture experience with Bart! I left feeling completely healed of my ailments in my neck and back and felt totally relaxed. I highly recommend this treatment!”

Abby on Facebook

“I have been attending Bart’s Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and kickboxing classes, and they are fabulous. I always leave feeling more centered, strong, flexible, and de-stressed. He’s very knowledgeable about form, and clear with his instructions. He offers modifications as well as more advanced options, depending on each student’s needs. I’ve even seen him modify a whole class for a student who needed to sit the whole time due to a foot injury. Highly recommended. Looking forward to experiencing acupuncture with Bart next. Very grateful he’s here in Brooklyn!”

Kimberly on Facebook