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Learn more about our acupuncture and wellness clinic in Brooklyn, Michigan.

About Bart Vermilya, Licensed Acupuncturist

High stress often has us searching for ways to destress. Bart Vermilya chose martial arts to help him decompress from his high stress job. Martials arts, while providing some of the stress relief he was looking for, also became more competitive and led to a serious injury. It was at this point that Bart decided to try Chinese Medicine as a way to treat the injury.

The relief and healing he experienced led him to explore just how Chinese Medicine worked to help the body heal itself. As a civil engineer and telecommunications analyst, Bart was trained to solve issues in complex systems. The body as a complex system where interconnected problems need to be resolved drew Bart to Chinese Medicine and its formations and inner workings and changed his career path to acupuncture.

Bart received his Master’s Degree from the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (PIHMA) and is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Michigan. In addition, he has training in Tui Na (Chinese style massage) and Seifukujitsu (“say-fu-ku-jitsu”) which is a Japanese style of restorative body work used by martial artists to recover from injuries.

Bart enjoys teaching Martial arts, Tai Chi, and Qi Chong, and spending time outdoors camping and hiking. And above all, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Bart Vermilya Headshot - Acupuncurist Michigan

Meet Our Team

Ashley earned her massage therapy training through Baker College of Jackson, Michigan. She also earned an additional license in Esthiology through Douglas J. Aveda Institute. Ashley’s passion for horses led her to becoming certified in Equine Massage therapy. She is a member of ABMP Massage Association and the Associated Skin Care Professionals.

Ashley specializes in skin care using an all organic, but powerful product line during her Facials at Irish Hills Acupuncture & Wellness. Additional add-ons including High Frequency, Micro current, and peels.

Ashley is also licensed to perform Full body waxing, and eyelash and eyebrow tinting. She uses a wax specialized for all skin types that is very gentle.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) – This gentle hands-on treatment can help balance mind and body. Though the touch is light, it can have a very deep effect – releasing soft tissue restrictions that interfere with function.

Treatment is done on a massage table with clothes on. CST pairs well with acupuncture and/or massage, as they all work together to help the body and mind find balance. Jeanne Matthews is an occupational therapist who has specialized in CST for the past 20+ years.

Though she and her husband recently moved from Ohio, she is from Michigan and thrilled to be back! She is looking forward to working with Bart & Sara and the staff at Irish Hills Acupuncture & Wellness. If you would like more information on Jeanne or CST, go to: www.iahp.com/jeannematthews

As a movement enthusiast, Ellis believes in helping people understand the art of movement. He is not only passionate about meridian health but firmly believes that movement is the best form of medicine. Ellis is a registered yoga Instructor, and Licensed Massage Therapist with experience working with children, collegiate athletes, and adults.

He has focused on reeducating his audience through the art of movement to help alleviate pain while improving spatial awareness. Ellis holds a degree in Exercise Science and is currently pursuing a Doctorates degree in the science of psychology.

Ellis believes that the knowledge he has gained is far too valuable not to be shared with his community. With longevity being the focal point, simplicity is key to Ellis. At the very least, Ellis’s intentions are to make individuals feel their best physically.

My name is Jeani; I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Michigan and live in Clarklake. I thoroughly enjoy giving massages and sending people home feeling relaxed and refreshed. I want to make each session special to your needs.

I am training several modalities: Swedish, reflexology, trigger point, hot stone, prenatal, all to customize your session to exactly what your mind / body / spirit needs are at that time. Everyone’s experience is unique, and I strive to make that experience amazing, whether it’s to help relieve pain, heal an injury, relax, destress, or increase circulation, we will get it done.

The goal is to improve your well-being, your mobility and flexibility, while giving you a sense of Peace.